Barred Plymouth Rock


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The Plymouth Rock chicken dates back to 1849 when it first appeared. Since World War II with encouragement of the US government, these birds have became a household name. Plymouth Rocks were the best livestock to keep because their meat and eggs provided great sources of protein, and they are incredibly low maintenance. Plymouth Rock hens also have a calm and friendly nature. They usually get along with flock mates and will shy away from confrontation or disputes. They really are the sweetest to people and other hens. However, they are not complete doormats and typically fall in the middle of the pecking order. They are especially good with children and allow kiddies to handle and carry them around. This is an inquisitive breed; they will follow family members around and won’t stop until they get a treat. They are excellent foragers and snap up any worms or bugs. They also have a long lifespan for a chicken and can live between 8 to 10 years.


Bird Type

Egg Color




Yes – Broody

Clean or Feathered Leg



Single Comb

Handles Confinement

Good for Coop Life

Conservation Status


Egg Size


Eggs per Year


Heritage Breed

Yes – Heritage Breed

Ideal for New England Weather

Cold and Hot Hearty

Approximate Laying Age

5 months

Leg Color

Yellow Legs


No Muffs or Tufts or Beards

Noise Level

Average – Noise in the morning




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