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For years I would buy chickens from Craigslist and Facebook and auctions(don’t get me started about the hell of auctions) or even poultry shows and would come home to find new mites, respiratory diseases, sneezing, coughing, limping, lethargy or the bird would just die in a few days.

All I wanted was to buy chickens from somewhere that had awesome selection of breeds that are healthy and young and if it did turn into a rooster, take the rooster back and give me a new bird. I understand accidents happen, roosters magically happen, I just wanted someplace that would stand behind it.

During those same years, as a side gig in summer I would hatch and raise a couple breeds of chickens and sell them to the community. Soon I realized I always sold all the chickens I had so maybe I should hatch more…and more and more and more! Today we have achieved quite a nice little chicken business. I always try to provide the best care to our birds with fresh local feeds and homemade scratches. We vaccinate for various diseases and are always considering improvements like the possibility of adding a respiratory disease vaccination soon too.

My Purpose: To provide the community with healthy quality chicken hens of various specialty breeds. And if it’s a rooster, I will take it back and offer a replacement bird of original purchased price.

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