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Vaccinations ensure common bird diseases are kept away. Some Marek’s vaccinate but we also coccidia vaccinate because it is extremely common and deadly and often goes unnoticed.


Dewormed & Mite Free

We deworm and apply mite treatment to all our pullets so you know you are getting healthy birds when they leave our care.

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Pickup Inspection

Upon pickup we will run through our multi-point inspection with you to show common things to look for and how we prevent them. We will check for things like clear eyes, smooth legs, fluffy butts and no mites.


We are NPIP Health Certified as a
Clean Farm by RI DEM & USDA

Every year our birds are tested for various avian diseases and
these results are reported to the Department of Agriculture

NPIP Certified

The National Poultry Improvement Program is a voluntary State–Federal cooperative testing and certification program for poultry breeding flocks, baby chicks, poults, hatching eggs, hatcheries, and dealers.

Avian Influenza Tested Clean

AI is a bird flu that in RI is sometimes spread to native birds and family fowl by Artic Swans and other wild waterfowl during their migration south.

Salmonella Tested

This is different then the salmonella on the outside of the bird. It is an internal pathogen with a high mortality.

Pullorum-Typhoid Tested Clean

This disease is egg-transmitted and can produce high death loss in the young birds.

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