Permethrin Insecticide


Use to spray your coop for mites.

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Featuring a long-lasting, broad-spectrum formula, Durvet Permethrin 10% Rapid Kill Insecticide will knock down and eliminate pests in barns, warehouses, and other surface areas of your farm. This formula is suitable for use around most livestock and pets. Product contains Petroleum Distillate.

Key Benefits

  • Not intended for direct use on animals.
  • Broad-spectrum pest spray: Permethrin 10% formula is effective against most pests, including beetles, lice, mites, fleas, ticks, and flies.
  • Long-lasting protection: Offers comprehensive protection against pests for up to 28 days.
  • Versatile use: Formula suitable for use around dairy and beef cattle, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, swine, and poultry. Read product label before use and use product only as intended as Permethrins are toxic to many different animals, including cats.

General Restrictions

  • Do not allow people or pets in treated areas until sprays have dried.
  • Remove pets, birds, and cover fish aquaria before spraying.
  • Do not allow spray treatment to drift onto pastureland, cropland, poultry ranges, or water supplies.
  • Do not use on crops for food, forage, or pasture.
  • Do not apply by Air.
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