This is a private, small and single person operated farm and deals will be changed or revoked at my sole discretion.


  • We do not accept returns on any items and refunds are never offered on anything.


  • All sales are excluded from any guarantees unless it specifically states they are included.
  • If you have a health issue with a bird please contact us immediately. Please understand that we can not diagnose or evaluate or suggest any medications.
  • The National Poultry Improvement Plan certifies all of our birds. If you would like to receive a copy of our NPIP number let us know and we will provide it.
  • All hatchery birds are Marek’s and Coccidia vaccinated. Occasionally we purchase birds from local breeders and they are not vaccinated. We will clearly state this before you purchase.


  • Sexing is not a perfect science and no one can guarantee more than 90% accuracy right after hatching, which means at least 10% of each chick order is likely to be cockerels. Although we offer a guarantee, we are no better then anyone else at sexing. Plus some breeds — such as true Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers and Lavender Orpingtons — are more difficult to sex than others, making the accuracy more like 80%. What sets us apart is we will take the rooster back and offer a replacement bird of original purchase price.
  • All our birds are vent sexed and feather sexed. Of course as they grow we watch for signs as well so the older you purchase the more certain we are.
  • If this is a big concern for you, some breeds are sexed within a few days of hatching because males look totally different like Salmon Faverolles, Cream Legbars and our Mystic Marans.

Hen Guarantee

  • For the Hen Guarantee, if you did not purchase through this site, then your purchase must be registered on our site within 24 hours of purchase. If your pullet turns out to be rooster please contact us immediately and the rooster must be returned and we offer you another bird equal to the original purchase price. If you purchased a chick 6 months ago, you will be offered a chick today. It is possible the same breed will not be available. If at anytime we feel unsure of the bird being returned, all deals are off. NO REFUNDS.
  • The rooster must be returned because we donate them to needy families. We do not make money off any of our rooster returns. We also want to see the rooster to ensure it is indeed ours.
  • We never want to sell a rooster, I do not want to have that uncomfortable conversation with you. But there will be no reimbursement for feed, time, travel or trouble for having raised an unwanted bird.
  • Large fowl chicks are guaranteed hens but no other breed of chick is guaranteed.
  • Baby geese, guineas, ducks, bantams and turkeys are all straight run.

If an order must be cancelled due to our fault

  • You will be offered a 100% refund
  • Or you can choose an alternative bird.

If you choose to cancel a pre-paid order

  • Any credit card, Venmo, payment fees or any fees at all charged during checkout will not be refunded.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to pay in full in advance and then need to cancel, we will refund 50% of the payment. Once you pay a deposit we have now ordered and reserved those birds for you. If you cancel that makes a problem for us with space, time and feed plus we may have lost sales while holding those birds for you.
  • If birds are not picked up on their pickup date the order will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited. If we are informed there is a problem before hand we can try to come up with a deal for you.
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