• No returns accepted on any items and refunds are never offered on anything.


  • All sales are excluded from any guarantees unless it specifically states they are included.
  • The National Poultry Improvement Plan certifies all of the birds (approval number 115)
  • All laying hens are Marek’s and Coccidia vaccinated.
  • If you are accidentally sold an incorrect breed or if the bird does not lay the expected color egg there will be no refunds or exchanges.

Roosters and Hen Guarantee

  • Sexing is not a perfect science and no one can guarantee more than 90% accuracy right after hatching, which means at least 10% of each chick order is likely to be cockerels. Although I offer a guarantee, my people are not any better then anyone else at sexing. Plus some breeds — such as Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers and Lavender Orpingtons — are more difficult to sex than others, making the accuracy more like 80%. What sets Koops Coops apart is I will take the rooster back and offer a replacement bird of original purchase price or size. If you purchased a chick 6 months ago, you will be offered a chick today. It is possible the same breed will not be available.
  • All our birds are vent sexed and feather sexed. Of course as they grow I watch for signs as well so the older you purchase the more certain I am.
  • If this is a big concern for you, some breeds are sexed within a few days of hatching because males look totally different like Salmon Faverolles, Cream Legbars and our Mystic Marans. But even then you must understand sometimes nature can throw a curve ball and mistakes happen.

Hen Guarantee

  • For the Hen Guarantee, if you did not purchase through this site, then your purchase must be registered on our site within 24 hours of purchase.
  • If your pullet turns out to be rooster, submit a rooster return form and we will schedule a drop off.
  • The rooster must be returned and I will offer you another bird equal to the original purchase size or price. That means if you purchased a chick 6 months ago, you will be offered a baby fresh chick today. And it is possible the same breed will not be available.
  • If at anytime I feel unsure of the bird being returned or if I don’t like your attitude ALL DEALS ARE OFF! NO REFUNDS. If you think getting loud or angry with me about a rooster will get you what you want, you will be sadly mistaken and will be leaving with that rooster.
  • I never want to sell a rooster. I do not want to have that uncomfortable conversation with you. But there will be no reimbursement for feed, time, travel or trouble for having raised an unwanted bird.
  • Most roosters are donated to food banks. I rarely make money off of rooster returns but lucky me if I can.
  • Large fowl chicks are guaranteed hens but no other breed of chick is guaranteed.
  • Baby geese, guineas, ducks, bantams and turkeys are all straight run.


  • If you have a health issue with a recently purchased bird please email me just so I am aware of the situation but understand that I am not a vet and can not diagnose, evaluate or suggest any conditions or medications.
  • I stand by the health of my birds but refunds are never offered on anything.

If a particular breed ordered is not available at pickup

  • In the very rare occasion that something should occur before your pickup date you will be offered an alternate breed at pickup.
  • If you absolutely do not want different breeds, you must note that on your original order submission and I will determine whether or not I will accept the order.

If an order must be cancelled due to my fault

  • You will be offered a refund.
  • Or you can choose an alternative bird.

If you choose to cancel a pre-paid order

  • Any credit card, Venmo, payment fees or any fees at all charged during checkout will not be refunded.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to pay in full in advance and then need to cancel, I will refund 50% of the payment. Once you pay a deposit I have now ordered and reserved those birds for you. If you cancel that makes a problem for me with space, time and feed plus I am sure I lost sales while holding those birds for you.
  • If birds are not picked up on their pickup date the order will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.
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