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We do have large orders of meat birds that we place throughout the year. If you can wait for our orders, meat birds maybe cheaper. But we can place special orders to meet your timeline as well. Prices of meat birds rise and fall throughout the year. In 2023 the price ranged from $2.50-4.00 each. When you place an order please do not pay until we send you a confirmation including a final price.

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  • We order males only
  • Our breeding season is much longer then others. Inquire about them at anytime.
  • Our birds can be coccidia sprayed for $.25 each
  • Special order minimum is 25

The Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens we offer for sale are the same type of chicken that the commercial poultry industry uses to produce the chicken meat for sale at grocery stores across the country. These meat chickens are very large, with all white feathers and red combs. They have strong looking, thick, yellow legs and feet. They are very fast growing, probably the fastest growing of all chickens.


Production: The Cornish Cross Broiler is the most efficient broiler or meat chicken available. At six weeks old, males can weigh 6 pounds and females 5 pounds. Males should gain about one pound each week; females grow slower. Although these big, slow-moving birds are too vulnerable in a completely free-range environment, they can do quite well when raised in chicken tractors and other well-protected on-ground situations. They do not fly and can be contained with low fencing.


Cornish Cross Broilers grow very fast, and that doesn’t leave room for many mistakes. Every aspect of their lives is condensed. Be sure that they have access to clean water constantly and that you watch and adjust the height and amount the waterers hold according to your birds’ growth.


Feed is also very important. Make sure that every day counts positively toward their optimal growth and health. Use a high quality and dependable food, that is fresh and not at all moldy. Chick starter is appropriate for the first 5 weeks. Switch to broiler or grower feed from 5 weeks to butcher.


Cornish Cross Broilers are docile and calm birds. They are not very active in general and will spend much time especially after 3-4 weeks of age, sitting on the ground. Litter and flooring will need to be kept dry and clean so that the birds do not develop blistering and bruising on the breast. They do not do well in a completely free range environment and are not good at avoiding predators.


With meat bird chicks, often I don‚Äôt know the exact date they are going to arrive because my breeders’ hatch sometimes takes a few days to finish, then she has them sexed, and then they drive here, they are not mailed. When you order I will give the best day that I would plan to expect to pickup but know it maybe a day before or after. I will confirm with you the day before for pickup and we can setup a time as well.


Feed Conversion Rates for Cornish Cross Broilers

Weeks of Age Average Weight in Lbs Feed Consumption per Week Total Feed Consumption to Date
0.35 lbs
0.3 lbs
0.3 lbs
0.85 lbs
0.62 lbs
0.92 lbs
1.54 lbs
1.02 lbs
1.94 lbs
2.38 lbs
1.44 lbs
3.38 lbs
3.34 lbs
1.9 lbs
5.28 lbs
4.37 lbs
2.32 lbs
7.6 lbs
5.4 lbs
2.73 lbs
10.33 lbs
6.42 lbs
3.10 lbs
13.43 lbs

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