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To submit the form, continue through the checkout process. It will not ask for payment but will allow me to respond with an order for your review. When you place the request I will confirm with the breeders on what they can deliver and when and then I can provide you a response. Responses can take several days and are answered in the order they are received.


**For preordered chicks it is possible that due to last minute problems or issues with a hatch that a breed(s) may not be available for your pickup. I will not be able to call each customer before appointments but if this does occur I will supply alternative breeds for your pickup.

If you are not particular about breeds and would like a sooner pickup, I offer some general chicken packs called Kid Friendly, Egg Producing or Colorful Eggs. Instead of picking breeds you can pick a category and how many you want of that category. These packs are listed on our homepage.

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Read our policies about Returns, Cancellations and Guarantees


  • Quotes are only good for 3 days. Prices will change after that.
  • Chicks start at $12, 2-3 month old pullets start at $35
  • Chick purchases are available to grain store customers only, meaning please support us by making a grain store purchase while your here. We have $10 5lb bag of beautiful custom scratch mix or waterers or feeders or mealworms or even natural homemade soap. This additional purchase ensures we can offer the best chick price possible.
  • If you prepay for a chick order you must pickup the birds on the stated pickup date or the order will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.
  • If you prepay for a pullet order you must pickup the birds on the stated pickup date or a fee of $5 per bird per week will be added or the order will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited at my sole discretion.

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