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Koops Coops offers a fresh and custom bug mix for the health and well being of your chickens. Koops Coops chicken bugs are a combination of dried mealworms and soldier fly larvae to provide the most nutritious bug snack available.

Mealworms are a phenomenal little grub. You can feed them to almost any animal. If you have chickens they will especially love them, in fact, you can even use the mealworm as a treat to help to train your chickens to come in at night or to come to you when called. Mealworms are great for all your rodents guinea pigs, hamsters, and ferrets love them as well. If you have reptiles like bearded dragons, skinks, chameleons, or even turtles they will love you for the delicious treat. I am sure if you wanted and could get your dog to eat mealworms they would love them as well. (That dog part is a joke, my dog got into and ate about 3 lbs. one day.)

Mealworms alone are great, but the mixture provides even more of the vitamins and calcium chickens need. The FDA actually recommends soldier fly larvea to be included in chickens diets. Black soldier fly larvae provide an exciting nutrient option for laying hens with significant amounts of energy, protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids and minerals that support the hens’ body weight, egg production and quality.

These chicken bugs are farm-grown in a small local MA bait shop that makes their own live worms and other bugs. The chicken worms are organically and non-gmo fed and I order a new bag every couple weeks so inventory is always fresh. These are the freshest dried mealworms I have ever found. Non-GMO dried mealworm poultry treats are perfect for flocks who have limited access to finding their own insect snacks.

A gallon storage bag holds about 24oz.

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