2024 Order Process

If you want freshly hatched chicks:

  • You can place a preorder or wait for a Saturday Sale when I usually have chicks available for same day pickup no preorder needed.
  • If you preorder they must be picked up on the availability date listed in your order confirmation for the freshly hatch chick price. Technically they are usually about 3-5 days old at this point.
  • If you want chicks from 2 different hatch dates perhaps a week apart, but want to pick them all up at the same time, just note that on your order and I will let you know what I can do.
  • Baby birds are very sensitive and delicate and can die for various reasons due to no fault of you or I. Koops Coops is different then other farms in that I will replace your chicks if they die within 3 days of purchase. No refunds and large fowl chickens only.
  • For preordered chicks it is possible that due to last minute problems or issues with a hatch that a breed(s) may not be available for your pickup. I will not be able to call each customer before appointments but if this does occur I will supply alternative breeds for your pickup.

If you want 2-3 month old pullets:

  • Note at 4 weeks old chicks are fully feathered and moved out into a coop without heat. At 3 months old they are ready to integrate with older girls.
  • Review the hatching schedule and add 2 months to any chick date and that is when I can have pullets of that breed. However, I place special orders all the time. If you want certain breeds at a certain time, let me know and I will see what I can do. If your ordering 5 breeds I have posted for a date and you want one other breed not listed for that date, I maybe able to get it added or pull that single breed from the previous weeks hatch for example. I will try my best to come up with a plan that works for both of us.


  • After reviewing the hatching schedule, add the birds and ages you are looking for to your cart and prepare to checkout.
  • If you have any trouble finding or adding a bird you would like, please submit a REQUEST FORM instead and I will take care of it.
    • Orders can be submitted without making a deposit but birds will not be held until a deposit is made.
    • For Venmo the deposit is 50% with a maximum of $100.
    • For PayPal or Credit Cards, I can’t make the website charge $100 maximum so it will charge 50% plus a small non-refundable payment processing fee defined before checking out. (Generally 5% or $5)
  • For fastest order processing and best chance at getting the pickup date and breeds you want, make a deposit after submitting the order. Then when I manually process the order, usually within 24-48 hours, you will receive a FINAL CONFIRMATION email with a pickup date and your birds will be held.
    • If the Final Confirmation has any major differences from your requested order, email me back and I will see what I can do or you can request a refund of your deposit.
    • If you reference the hatch schedule and are preordering chicks or 2-3 month old pullets then things should not change during processing. But if I need to pull some birds from a previous hatch then pricing will update while it is being processed (usually $5 per week). If a breed has sold out, I will provide you a new list to choose from but I will also hold the others you requested while you decide.

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