Payment Options

The website payment options are:

  • Cash on Delivery (grain only)
  • Venmo
  • PayPal – You will be charged a 5% fee
  • Credit cards – Cards are processed using PayPal (5% fee) but no PayPal account is required.

In person the payment options are:

  • Cash
  • Venmo
  • We are NOT currently accepting PayPal or credit cards outside of the website.

Cash on Delivery

This payment method is intended for our grain customers.
When ordering birds, we do require a 50% deposit (maximum of $100) to ensure they are held for you. If this payment method is chosen on a bird order, we will contact you about the deposit.

Quote Request

This allows for an order to be submitted without any payment required. I will then double check pricing and availability and provide a delivery date in return. You can then choose to pay a deposit or cancel if you change your mind. Requests are usually handled within 48 hours.


Payment fees take a big chunk out of a hard earned sale, they also change all the time and are hard for my website to calculate so all these payments are charged a flat 5% fee. This is an alternative to raising all prices to cover payment fees. If you can please consider paying using Venmo.

Credit Cards

The website processes credit cards using PayPal(5% fee) but you don’t need a PayPal account to do it.


When chosen during checkout the site is not going to open Venmo for you or send a request for money. It is up to you to send the payment over. Once your payment is sent I will hold the birds for you assuming they are still available at that moment. Once I manually process your payment you will receive a receipt from the website confirming the payment and now the birds are yours.

*!* Please do not mark these payments for goods and services as that charges me fees and allows for customers to easily take their money back without a dispute. We offer this payment method to help keep our prices low. If you feel you will not send a payment without that marked please pay using another method. *!*

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