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Assorted means an assortment of colors will be hatching but color choices are not offered until pickup or at least until after hatching. Also if you are not particular about breed or would like faster pickup or would just like a English Orpington with your order, this will be a color that is available. During checkout there will be a notes field and you can enter in a preferred color choice but there is no guarantee on it. For English Orpingtons the options could be Silver, Blue, Chocolate, Jubilee, and Mottled.

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English-bred Orpingtons tend to have looser fitting feathers, shorter bodies, and shorter legs then American breeds. They are broad across the back and have a more rounded shape compared to American-bred Orpingtons. Despite their differences, the English are still similar to the American-bred birds as they are good dual-purpose birds laying a good number of brown eggs and have a gentle temperament.



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