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Buckeyes were developed by Mrs. Nettie Metcalf of Warren, Ohio, and appropriately named after the “Buckeye State” and for their rich Buckeye color. Buckeyes are unique in the American Class of chickens as it is the only breed created entirely by a woman. It is interesting to note that Buckeyes predated the introduction of Rhode Island Reds into the Midwest.

In 1896 she learned that her idea of red chickens was not new and that a very popular eastern breed had been developed – the Rhode Island Red. After corresponding with several Rhode Island Red breeders, she decided to call her breed Pea Combed Rhode Island Reds (she even traded stock with several of these breeders). Rather than helping to promote her new breed, she found that calling them Pea Combed Rhode Island Reds was, in fact, limiting their popularity. So in 1902, she exhibited a pair in the Cleveland, Ohio poultry show as “Buckeyes”. They were admitted to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1905.

The breed was a popular homestead chicken because they are hardy, productive, good foragers, and inquisitive, but by the 1950s, poultry production began to be commercialized and the breed was not popular with commercial producers, so the breed went nearly extinct. However, thanks to some dedicated fanciers, Buckeyes were preserved and are again becoming popular.

While Buckeyes adapt readily to a variety of living conditions, they do best under free-range or conditions where they have room to move around. Because of their active nature, they do not do especially well in small confined spaces. They are a very active fowl and are noted for being especially vigilant in the pursuit of mice, some breeders comparing them to cats in this ability. They tend to have very little fear of humans and are possibly too friendly.



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Bird Type



Occasionally Broody

Clean or Feathered Leg




Handles Confinement

Likes room to roam

Conservation Status


Egg Color

Egg Size


Eggs per Year


Heritage Breed

Yes – Heritage Breed

Ideal for New England Weather

Cold and Hot Hearty

Approximate Laying Age

5 months

Leg Color

Yellow Legs


No Muffs or Tufts or Beards

Noise Level

Average – Noise in the morning




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