Our Custom Common Scratch Mix


Ingredients: Cracked Corn, Wheat, Milo, Sunflower Seeds, Safflower Seeds, Oats, Green and Yellow Peas, Oyster Shell and Lentils. Most other scratches are 50% Corn and Wheat.

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Scratch Grains are a blend of high-quality grains to complement complete feeds and encourage natural pecking foraging and feeding instincts. Scratch Grains can be fed as a supplemental treat to adult chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. Over time I got tired of paying $25 for 50lbs of 50% corn that was poorly cracked and 50% wheat which is healthy but the birds don’t really like that much wheat. Our scratch is a mixture of several different things that birds actually like and we did toss in a little wheat too, it is healthy for them after all.

Features & Benefits
Premium, mixed grains
Freshly-ground local grains

Encourages instinctive behaviors
Made to support instinctive pecking and scratching behavior

Backyard happiness
Keeps the flock entertained


50 lbs.

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