A Colorful Egg Chicken Pack


This is for chickens, not eggs.


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Some people just want colorful egg laying chickens and don’t have a personal preference on breed.  This “Colorful Egg Chicken Pack” includes great beautiful breeds like the Prairie Bluebell(blue egg) and Starlight Green Egger(green), Olive Egger(olive), Salmon Faverolle(pink), Cream Legbars(sky blue), various colors of Copper Marans(dark brown), Lavender Orpingtons or Lavender Wyandotte’s or Mystic Onyx(brown), Ameraucanas(blue), White Leghorns(white), Blue Andalusians(white) and more. Add the quantity you would like to your cart and the breeds will be chosen for you.

Please note that some of our colorful layers have the chance of laying tan, so that is also a possibility in this assortment. If you want a specific breed, please be sure to add it to your order separately as this assortment is hatchery choice only.


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