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Koops Coops offer a guarantee that large fowl chicks and pullets will be hens. IF YOU DID NOT PURCHASE THRU THE SITE then the purchase must be registered within 24 hours. The guarantee is good for 6 months from the hatch date. If a bird should become a rooster, submit a Rooster Return Form and then we will schedule a time to return the rooster and will offer a new bird of original purchase price. Meaning if you purchased a week old chick 6 months ago, you will get a week old chick today.
To register for the guarantee, add this item to your cart and checkout. During checkout, choose the payment method of “Forms” and it will not ask for any money.
*Excludes bantam chicks, waterfowl and guineas.
*Do NOT register purchases made through the site. You are all set.

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