Olive Egger


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My Olive Eggers come from a couple of different crosses.
– One line is a cross of Cream Legbars and French Cuckoo Marans. This cross creates a bird that lays a green egg, which will vary between sage and olive shades. They are barred like a Cuckoo Maran and can have a small crest similar to the Cream Legbar.
– The other cross is between Cream Legbars and Welsummers trying to create a green egg that is speckled similar to Welsummers.

Both crosses have a chance of laying brown, blue or even pink eggs. Since Olive Eggers are a mix breed bird the laying color can vary greatly and may not be “olive”. If your bird is laying blue eggs, it’s because Olive Eggers have genes from blue and green egg layers and they may have retained the blue. Usually, Olive Egger hens that lay blue eggs have brown pigment over the top, creating the shade of olive green.

You may ask then what is the difference between an Olive Egger and an Easter Egger? Its not much.
Olive Eggers are produced by crossing a dark brown egg-laying breed with a blue egg layer.
Easter Eggers are produced by crossing a brown egg layer with a blue egg layer.



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Bird Type



Not very Broody

Clean or Feathered Leg



Single Comb

Handles Confinement

Good for Coop Life

Conservation Status


Egg Color

Egg Size


Eggs per Year


Heritage Breed

Not – Heritage Breed

Ideal for New England Weather

Cold and Hot Hearty

Approximate Laying Age

6 months

Leg Color

White Legs, Yellow Legs


Yes has Mufts/Tufts/Beards

Noise Level

Average – Noise in the morning




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