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The Speckled Sussex Chicken is a beautiful and tame breed, with dark, mahogany-colored feathers sprinkled with bright, white specks. They have a single comb and are a cold hardy breed.

Production: The Speckled Sussex is usually thought of as a good layer, laying an admirable number of brown eggs – about 200 per year.  The hens of this breed are not broody. The Speckled Sussex makes an excellent meat bird and sports a white skin color.

Temperament: One of the many reasons that the Sussex has been popular for so long is that it is a calm, docile breed. People who have children find that the Speckled Sussex works out well because of its gentle nature. This chicken is also a good forager.

History: The Sussex is an ancient breed, believed to have originated in England around the time of the Roman conquest. There are many varieties, but the Speckled Sussex is one of the prettiest and most popular.

Until the introduction and burgeoning popularity of the modern Cornish Cross, the Sussex was the most popular breed for meat in England. It’s white skin is often not appealing to consumers in the United States.

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