Starlight Green Egger


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This breed is only available for preordering as a fresh hatched chick. Starlight green eggers are a mixed breed bird and as such come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are not limited to the images displayed. Starlights can have all different combs and skin color. Although they have been bred to lay a perfectly green egg, not every bird or every hatch has that same result. Egg colors can vary from green to olive to blue to brown.

*Starlight’s are best with a free range life and prefer not to be confined during the day.




Bird Type


Not very Broody



Handles Confinement

Good for Coop Life, Likes room to roam

Conservation Status


Egg Color

Eggs per Year


Ideal for New England Weather

Cold and Hot Hearty


No Muffs or Tufts or Beards


Very Rare

Leg Color

Leg Color Varies

Approximate Laying Age

5 months

Heritage Breed

Not – Heritage Breed

Noise Level

Below Average Noise


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