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One-time a farmer told me that the Naked Neck is immune to many chicken diseases, or at least more resilient than their full feather counterparts.
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The Naked Neck, otherwise known as the Turken or Transylvanian Naked Neck, originates from Romania, and even more specifically Transylvania.

Originally, people believed that the Naked Neck chicken was a cross between a Turkey and a Chicken. To this day, some people are still under the impression that the Turken, or Churkey, is a hybrid of the two species. However, it is biologically impossible for a chicken to breed with a Turkey, so while this hypothesis has some visual merit, it is completely untrue. The Naked Neck is 100% chicken and always has been.

You’d think the Naked Neck wouldn’t do very well in cold climates due to their breezy bottoms and necks, however, they are actually quite cold-hardy. As long as they are given appropriate shelter and insulation for a cold winter, they will do just as well as the rest of your flock.
Since the Naked Neck is already half-naked, compared to other chickens, they do extremely well in hot weather. While your fluffier chickens may pant and search for shade, your Naked Necks will be going about business as usual.


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